#3547 – Just Remain

Good morning people who remain when Father wants them to remain

I just read this short verse and Father spoke clearly for someone reading this today.

Daniel 1:21 NIV And Daniel remained there until the first year of King Cyrus.

Sometimes we miss Father’s intention in our lives simply because we do not remain when He wants us to remain.

I have seen this sad story repeated many times when people have stepped out of the environment that Father was using to bring out the gold in them.

The problem was a false belief that it should be easier. Or maybe it was a focus on them not feeling what they desired to feel or not receiving what they desired to receive.

The common denominator is a focus on self, not on Father and His plan for their life.

For someone today, I encourage you to stop running from the place that Father is using to refine you and to make you more like His Son.

If it’s not easy, it’s very likely the right place. Ask Father, listen, see, and then respond as He truly leads. He might ask you to leave, but He might also ask you to remain there.