#3539 – Casting Anxiety

Good morning people who don’t take back the things they give to God

1 Peter 5:7 NIV Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you.

Let me share what this does not mean.

Scripture is not instructing us to cast our anxiety on God like we would cast a fishing line.

When you cast a fishing line, you throw it out with the intention of reeling it back in to yourself, and with the hope of catching something good with it.

This is not what God is telling us to do with anxiety.

He does not want us casting our anxiety on Him with us having the intention of just taking it back to ourselves – this is not what He is saying.

Nor does He want us to expect that we will catch something good on the line of our anxiety. It never happens.

God’s invitation to us all is for us to throw our anxiety (and many other unhelpful things) onto Him, with the intention and commitment to not take them back, ever.

I know this is a journey many are on, but I pray we all receive a revelation that this is God’s intention for us: He wants us to give these things to Him, and leave them with Him.