#3534 – Our Abiding

Good morning people who have fresh revelation about abiding in Christ

As we continue to look at some questions my Dad asked me, let’s now shift our focus to the following:

“How does someone truly ‘abide IN CHRIST’?”

“What does ‘abiding IN CHRIST’ actually look like”

“What, in fact, is the art of ‘abiding’?”

I instantly feel Father draw me to the word ‘remaining’ – this is what abiding is.

Yet He is also showing me that you can remain in a relationship physically while not remaining in your heart. In other words, you can be physically present, yet totally disengaged and disconnected from the other person. This is not abiding.

Abiding is not just a physical remaining – it is a complete and holistic remaining.

It is also ‘fully surrendered’. It is not done reluctantly, hesitantly or with hidden motives or agendas.

True abiding cannot be separated from love. To try and do so undermines and diminishes this deep spiritual truth.

As we have been looking at, inheritance and maturity both affect us abiding IN CHRIST – not positionally as much as it is perceptually.  

Father, please help us to see what You want to show us.