#3533 – Our Maturity

Good morning people whose decisions influence the joy of your inheritance

“What does ‘IN CHRIST’ actually mean?”

“What does someone do differently that causes them to be ‘IN CHRIST’?

Father is highlighting to me where some of the confusion lies when it comes to positionally being IN CHRIST now, and us having received our inheritance now, yet us not feeling it.

The confusion lies with the difference between maturity and inheritance.

IN CHRIST means we have received our spiritual inheritance now, yet we often see our spiritual immaturity, and wrongly conclude it is because we have not received what we need from God. Please think about this today.

In the natural, someone can receive an inheritance from someone, and due to immaturity and wrong decisions, they can squander their inheritance. But here’s my question:

“Did they receive their inheritance?”

The answer is YES.

Receiving their inheritance is not the problem – their maturity evidenced by wrong decisions is the problem.

Just think about the prodigal son story. He received his inheritance, but his wrong decisions caused him to not step into the full benefit of his received inheritance.

“If you are IN CHRIST, you have received your inheritance – but are your decisions releasing you into the joy of your inheritance?”