#3440 – Take It All

Good morning people who take all that God wants to give them.

Recently I was having a meeting with mum and dad at their home. As she does, mum put out a plate of food for the meeting (I like my mum). On this plate of food was some chocolate. 

I had a couple of pieces and so did they, and there was several more pieces sitting there begging to be eaten. 

Normally I aren’t a big chocolate eater (I hear some of you wondering if I am even saved), but on this particular day, I wanted to eat the whole lot! 

As the thought about eating all the chocolate crossed my mind, the next thought was that I shouldn’t; like it would be rude to take all that’s there. 

Instantly I felt the following: 

If it’s put on the table, I can eat it – it is put there to be eaten. If mum didn’t want it eaten, she wouldn’t have put it out. 

This is an accurate picture of us and what God has given us. 

Sometimes we “know” Father has provided much for us, yet so often we hold back from taking it all. Many times this is accompanied by the thought of not wanting to appear greedy or like we are something special.

This is not Father”s intention! If He has provided it – if He has placed it on the table for us – then He desires us to take it all! After all, this is what honours Him.