#3438 – Transitions Part 2

Good morning people who trust God with what He’s doing in them

Let God set the transitions of our life.

There are transitions of what we do in life.

There are also transitions of our life; not just what we do, but more importantly, who we are.

And here’s the challenging part for many of us: we wish the transition to maturity would happen quicker than it does (or is that just me?).

I believe we need to learn to let God lead the transitions of life; that is, who we are.

Some things just take time. Some growth areas are not automatic, and some transitions are slow. Yet God is faithful.

But for others, God might have been trying to move us forward in Him for some time. We don’t want to rush ahead, but nor do we want to lag behind.

“Are you allowing Father to set the transitions of your life; that is, lead the transformation of who you are?”