#3321 – What God Says

Good morning people who are committed to not diluting or changing what God says

2 Kings 1:17b NIV …according to the word of the LORD that Elijah had spoken…

I know this has come through a few times recently, but that’s because Father keeps on highlighting it to me:

We are called to speak the word of the Lord, not our own opinions.

Truth is what God says, and what God says is truth. I feel compelled to state this again and reinforce what we need to hear.

Respectfully, our opinions must be subject to what God has clearly said in His Word.

In fact, if people powerfully and persuasively speak something contrary to what God says, they are wrong. It doesn’t matter who they are or what the reason is, people don’t know better than God.

“Is what we are speaking in line with what God has said?”

“Is what we are listening to in line with what God has said?”