#3243 – In Jesus’ Boat

Good morning people whose confidence is in Jesus and His mission

(The following BIY is written by Jim Shaw, an incredible man of God and great life-long friend to us. His wisdom can be read regularly here. May you be blessed by a man who closely walks with Jesus.)

Jesus got into a boat and said: “Let us go across to the other side of the lake.” (Luke 8:22). After a violent storm, they reach the safety of Gerasenes on the other side, and Jesus delivers a man with a legion of demons.

When He asked, “Where is your faith?”, He thought they would understand that if the boat trip didn’t originate with them, the safety and effectiveness of the trip didn’t depend on them either. 

Our confidence is because He asked us into His boat, not that we invited Him into ours.

Each day let’s accept the Lords invitation to His Mission. Then when storms from the enemy come into our lives, we can say “Lord, I’m on the mission with you. This is a journey You started, so this is a storm that either You or both of us can fix!”

And friend, if we have got into His boat, it is never going to sink.