#3242 – God’s Mission

Good morning people who are about their Father’s business

(The following BIY is written by Jim Shaw, an incredible man of God and great life-long friend to us. His wisdom can be read regularly here. May you be blessed by a man who closely walks with Jesus.)

Jesus got into a boat and said: “Let us go across to the other side of the lake.” (Luke 8:22). After a violent storm, they reach the safety of Gerasenes on the other side, and Jesus delivers a man with a legion of demons.

Today still, He seeks to set captives free and invites us to join Him in His mission. 

Comfort comes from knowing that Jesus is with us but the believer’s effectiveness and safety come from us being with Him.

The church is not on a mission to love the world, inviting Jesus to come with us, but He is on a mission to restore the earth and He invites us to partner with Him, as His Body.

Through us, as we are led by Him, He is touching people and we are witnesses of Him and His work.

Of course “As they went, the Lord worked with them,” because it was His work.

“Are you actively and intentionally being part of God’s mission?”