#3241 – I’m WIth Him

Good morning people who are invited to accompany Jesus in His mission

(The following BIY is written by Jim Shaw, an incredible man of God and great life-long friend to us. His wisdom can be read regularly here. May you be blessed by a man who closely walks with Jesus.)

They looked everywhere but Mary and Joseph couldn’t find the young Lord Jesus. They thought He was with them. How different the day would have been if they had decided to stay with Jesus.

One time Jesus got into a boat and said: “Let us go across to the other side of the lake.”  (Luke 8:22). While they sailed, a storm arose and the waves that hit the boat began to fill the little ship with water. Jesus had fallen asleep so they woke Him up.  He stood up, rebuked the wind and there was a great calm. 

His question to the disciples was “Where is your faith.”  A bit harsh? I’m with the disciples. Safety gear wasn’t invented and buoyancy was limited. Finally, they reach the safety of Gerasenes on the other side, and Jesus delivers a man with a legion of demons.

When we read this story, we usually see the disciples on a journey but accompanied by the Master, but of course, the main character in the Gospels is Jesus. It is Jesus that is crossing over to work on the other side of the lake. It is not the disciple’s idea; it is His. It was not their purpose, it was His. It is not their mission, it was His. He had invited the disciples to go along with Him. 

In our lives, Jesus is the main character, not us, and we are invited to go along with Him.