#2201 – Divine Turn Around

Good morning people whose lives can make an eternal difference

Oh the story of Esther is incredible!!! We have looked at the divine calling of Esther through her royal position. We have looked at Esther’s willingness to pay the ultimate price if it meant the possibility of saving others. Today let’s look at the outcome of this incredible woman of God.

Haman’s evil plan to annihilate the Jews was exposed. The king hung Haman on the gallows Haman had made for Mordecai. The king gave Mordecai all of Haman’s property and possessions. The king placed Mordecai in the position of power and influence that Haman had previously held. The king ordered a new decree that made the Jews favourable, not despised. This situation had the most remarkable turnaround…

…and it was due to the willingness of someone to stand up and make a difference.

You and I are in this same position and have the same opportunity today! Our lives are divinely appointed and strategically planned for such a time as this! We are not called to mediocrity or complacency! The call of God is issued to every Believer and you and I are a part of God’s redemptive plan!

Don’t say “That’s not me!” Don’t say “I have nothing to offer!”

You are written into God’s blueprint! You are created on purpose, with a purpose! Now is your time! Now is my time! Now is our time! Together we can make a difference! Together we will make a difference…for the glory of God!!!!

“Will we?” 

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