#2173 – Good News

Good morning people who don’t get what they deserve

Ezra 9:13 (NIV) What has happened to us is a result of our evil deeds and our great guilt, and yet, our God, You have punished us less than our sins deserved and have given us a remnant like this.

Sometimes we can blame God for what is happening to us as a result of the choices we have made. Just think about the logic of that.

God is not responsible for the consequences in your life due to the decisions you have made. You are…

…but there is some very good news!!!

We have all been ‘punished’ less than we deserve. Here’s the truth:

Romans 6:23a (NIV) For the wages of sin is death…

Eternal death and separation from the goodness, kindness and love of God is what we all deserve – this is fair and just punishment for what we have done…every one of us.

Now here’s the incredibly wonderful good news:

Romans 6:23b (NIV) …but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.

God is gracious and we don’t get what we deserve. Instead, through forgiveness and grace, we receive God’s best. That’s some very good news!  

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