#2129 – Increased Blessing

Good morning people who receive God’s best and pass it on

God is our Father, and as a Father He gives His best to us; His children; His family. He blesses us daily in so many ways and I know that we are all grateful to be on the receiving end of Father’s best.

“So how well do we bless our families?”

1 Chronicles 16:43 (NIV) Then all the people left, each for their own home, and David returned home to bless his family.

“Whenever you return home from being out – whether it is from work, school, university, church or a friend’s house – do you go home with the intention of being a blessing to your family?”

This is something that has become increasingly intentional for me. If it’s not intentional, it is too easy for me to go home still with my head in conversations and challenges from the day. The result of this is I give the most precious people in my life – my family – my leftovers, and not my best. All too often in the past, my family has been on the receiving end of raw emotions.

Now I often drive home asking Father how I can love and bless my family when I get home. Sometimes Father tells me something specific to say or do. Sometimes He reminds me of something important in their day that I can ask them about. Sometimes Father just asks me to place my concerns and thoughts in His hands and to focus on my family.

I believe the result of this is that I am blessing my family more than I used to. Do I get it perfect? No, but I am more engaged and a greater blessing than I used to be. By God’s grace and my intentionality, I continue to learn and grow.

Let’s all refocus on giving our best to our families and being a blessing to those we love. Let’s put ourselves aside and engage fully and positively. I’m sure the result will be increased blessing all around.  

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