#2090 – Fatal Or Forgivable

Good morning people who can walk forward into God’s best

“A wrong decision is never a fatal decision unless we settle there.”

Peter and Judas Iscariot were both friends of Jesus; friends who walked and lived with Him for years. Peter and Judas Iscariot both heard Jesus speak about the future and decisions they would make. Peter and Judas Iscariot both betrayed Jesus. Did you hear that? They both betrayed Jesus. They both failed Jesus. They both denied Jesus.

But look at the different ending to the story of their lives:

Judas saw his decision as fatal. Judas felt he couldn’t move forward from his unthinkably bad decision. Judas felt his decision was unforgiveable. Therefore it was Judas’ position – his belief that he could not move forward from his decision – that ended in his death.

Peter felt the pain of his decision just as strong as Judas did. But there was an element of hope that his decision did not have to be fatal; his decision could be forgiven. Peter’s position of receiving forgiveness and his re-commissioning from Jesus moved Peter forward from a decision of betrayal to a decision to fulfil God’s call on his life. I am so glad Peter knew his decision was not fatal!

“How do you view your past decisions? Do you see them as fatal or forgivable? Respectfully, you haven’t done anything worse than David, Peter or Judas, and so I boldly declare to you today: your wrong decisions are never fatal unless you settle there. What choice will you make today?”  

I urge you to choose forgiveness and life.

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