#2029 – Time with Dad

Good morning people who are hungry to learn and grow

As I mentioned yesterday, we all have much to learn, and we learn best from those more mature than ourselves. Wisdom seeks to learn, to grow, to be better. Mature people are one of God’s gifts to us to save us from some avoidable heartache.

Dad is one of those people who have impacted many of your lives. I know that who I am today and how I minister today is largely due to Dad’s input, wisdom, direction and example. If you have been blessed by me, it’s because I have been blessed by Dad.

Many people would love to have time with my Dad and learn from him; to hear his stories, to hear of his triumphs and his tragedies, to hear how he journeyed through difficulty and how he made decisions, to hear what empowers him to be the man of God that he is…

…and you can! I want to invite you to invest three days of annual leave to come to Leaders of Destiny in South East Melbourne on March 18-20. This is open for anyone who wants to walk more closely with God and live a life worthy of Him. Yes it will cost you, but this spiritual and financial investment will save you a lot of heartache and will be one of the best investments of your life – I guarantee it. Dad has empowered my life beyond words and he will empower yours too.

You can find out lots more info, including watching a short video from Dad here http://www.davidmccracken.org/ministry-to-churches/dmm-courses/leaders-of-destiny/

NB: You will save $30 if you register by February 7th and an extra $30 if there are 5 or more of you from the same church.

I look forward to seeing some of you there as we continue learn together!

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