#2003 – Boxing Day

Good morning people who walk in the Light of Truth and light of His truth

Jesus Christ started it all on Christmas Day. It culminated in His death and resurrection 33 years later. But that’s not where it stopped…it was only just beginning.

Today is known as Boxing Day. As I think about this in light of truth, I am reminded of a boxing match; a physical battle where opponents fight passionately for a perishable prize. 

I feel prompted to remind us all of the very real spiritual battle that is raging all around us in the world today. Many have known Truth, yet walked away because they thought it was going to be easier. Disappointment and disillusionment has derailed many a once-fervent follower of Christ. Some have declared “Nobody told me it was going to be this tough!” Others have been seductively drawn away by selfish desires and ambitious egos.

My friends, there’s a battle going on for your life and the life of those you love. This ‘boxing match’ is like no earthly boxing match. This ‘boxing match’ is a matter of life or death, destiny or aimless wandering, hope or hopelessness. This ‘boxing match’ takes no prisoners but rather seeks to steal, kill and destroy. This ‘boxing match’ happens daily in every street…

…yet it is winnable!!! Because of the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, we are now more than conquerors through Him. We can do all things through Christ Who gives us the strength! We have been delegated spiritual authority because of the King that we live under! No weapon of the enemy formed against us can prosper!

So it’s time to fight – not flesh and blood, but principalities, powers and spiritual forces that oppose God and His will in us and through us. It’s time to put on our spiritual armour. It’s time to stand in the gap, to get in the ring, and to take the giants head off! It’s time to fight and win!!!!

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