#2001 – Christmas Eve

Good morning people who are worth much more than gold

2000 years ago, God set a redemptive plan into motion. Tomorrow we celebrate Christmas Day, but today I’m thinking about what was happening the day before Father God sent His Son.

What emotions did Father have? What emotions did Jesus have? What was the atmosphere of heaven as the heavenly hosts prepared for the Eternal Son to put aside His Divinity and humble Himself by becoming humanity? What were the heavenly hosts thinking?

I am sure there was a mixture of excitement and eager expectation. The Son was going to restore mankind to intimate relationship with Father. What an incredible full-circle moment in history this was going to be! God’s original intention was going to be made possible again…

…but there was also the certainty of immeasurable pain, rejection, suffering, death and the imputed stench of sin that was going to be laid upon Pure Light and Goodness; Jesus Christ. Oh what conflicting feelings there must have been!

A decision so impacting on the Messenger surely warranted a second thought? Surely this was an unfair request of the Father to put on the Son?

But then there was the impact on the recipients of this unimaginable sacrifice; you and me. We should all be filled with gratitude at such a sacrifice. Yet many rush past this season, oblivious to God, and all the while consumed with self…

…but not us. We will stop, remember, be grateful and give thanks.

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